About Us

The goal of Utah Trusted Termite Inspections is to give our clients a transparent and trusted option. After over 10 years of combined Pest and Termite Experience Garth Massey and Zach Truman noticed the need for a transparent and trusted Termite Inspection company in Utah. With an Economics degree from BYU, Garth ran the idea past his partner Zach and without hesitation jumped on board. Since then they have performed countless Termite Inspections in the Utah, Salt Lake, Davis, Weber and Wasatch County. Just recently, with numerous happy customers they have become the most trusted Termite Inspection Company in Utah. They are both BYU graduates and make it their number one priority to ensure client satisfaction.

Utah Trusted Termite Inspection, Provo, UT 84601

* Prices start at $69. A small fee may added according to the distance outside of our service areas. 

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